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Starting in 2017 all EMTS Advance level EMS programs will be conducted in 2 phases.  Phase 1 will enroll all participants into an AEMT program.  Phase 2* will consist of the paramedic track.

  • Benefits
    • The AEMT TxDSHS approved program (phase 1) will allow EMTS faculty to better assist participants instead of the current approach of “one size fits all” of the paramedic programs.
    • In the metroplex the typical EMS programs are pass or fail.  The participant and employer’s time and investment depends on passing the entire program or failing and starting all over at the beginning.  By breaking the advance programs into two phases will, in some instances, allow EMTS to only require the student to make up areas of deficiencies.
    • For the participant lacking confidence EMTS can approve them to experience the testing process for the NREMT AEMT exams.  This will better prepare the participant for the paramedic NREMT testing process of phase 2.*
    • For the participant whose grades do not meet the paramedic requirements, EMTS is able to keep them on the AEMT track (phase 1) to become AEMT NREMT/DSHS certified.  Many students who fail out of a paramedic program typically make it well into the course only to fail out with nothing to show for their efforts.  This option will allow the students to be closer to their goal of paramedic.  There are EMS schools that conduct a bridge course from AEMT to paramedic.  This may be an option for some participants instead of starting all over at the beginning as an EMT.
    • For participants who are struggling to raise the money for school will now be able to pay in phases instead of all up front.  $3,950 for phase 1 and $1,000 for phase 2.*
What are the benefits to this approach? EMTS is allowing the program and the participants more options to meet set goals. Participants in phase 1 or phase 2* will remain together as a class.  All core curriculum requirements, cost, lectures, labs, clinical and internship sites, classroom hours, and length of program will all remain the same.
  • All participants will complete:
    • Course Number:  PAR 202  Introduction to AEMT/Paramedicine
    • Course Number:  PAR 210 Beginning AEMT/Paramedic Skills
    • Course Number:  PAR 221 Skill Lab
    • Course Number:  PAR 240 Medical Emergencies
    • Course Number:  PAR 250 WMD, Trauma, Ambulance Operations
    • Course Number:  PAR 230 Special Patient Populations
  • The participant who tests out at phase 1 will complete:
    • Course Number:  PAR 220  AEMT Clinical Phase 108 hours
    • Course Number:  PAR 270  AEMT Internship Phase 120 hours
  • The participants who request and are eligible for phase 2* will complete:
    • Course Number:  PAR 225  Paramedic Clinical Phase 174 hours
    • Course Number:  PAR 275  Paramedic Internship Phase 288 hours
  • Program Times/Schedules:
    • EMTS offers “shift” schedule programs in Richardson, Texas.  The night class is offered either on  “A” or “C” shift weekdays from 6pm to 10pm and on corresponding Saturday shifts from 8:30am to 4:30pm and does not meet on Sundays. The day program are offered either on “A” or “C”shift from 8:30am to 4:30pm and do not meet on Sundays.
  • Prerequisites:
    • 18 years of age at time course concludes.
    • High School Diploma or  GED at a minimum.
    • Valid NREMT and/or TxDSHS EMT  certification which must remain current throughout the program.
    • Those convicted for any type of sexual assault may not become certified by TxDSHS and all other criminal acts are reviewed by TXDSHS on a case by case basis.  Contact the school to speak to a program coordinator for assistance if applicable.
  • Course Fees:
    • Phase 1 $3,950 (a minimum of 1/2 of the course fee is due at time of registration to reserve a seat and is non-refundable.  The remaining balance is due the first class session.) Click here for  “Financing Options” and EMTS does accept the GI Bill.
    • For those requesting and eligible to enroll in phase 2* will be charged $1,000.
    • Includes; course textbooks, classroom, lab and clinical fees, 1 clinical polo, liability insurance $1m/2m, AHA BLS, ACLS, PALS as well as PHTLS certifications.
    • Does not include; immunizations if not current, drug testing fee ($40), stethoscope ($22), trauma shears ($5).  Upon completion of the course students  will be responsible for NREMT exam fees ($110-$125), TxDSHS application ($96), FACT criminal background for certification ($41), and NREMT practical (skills) exam fee ($175-$220 avg.).
  • *PHASE 2 NOTICE (January 30, 2017)
    • At this time Phase 1 (AEMT) is approved.
    • At this time Phase 2 (Paramedic) is not approved by required approval organizations.
View specific course dates, times and enrollment information