• As a general rule ask yourself – is my dress attire viewed as professional by a patient and colleagues.

  • Clean nails.  If painted, neutral colors only or French style permitted.

  • No open toed shoes for safety. For ladies who are coming from work in dress shoes an exception will be made on lecture nights only. Shoes must also provide ankle support for lifting and uneven terrain.  In addition shoes must prevent slipping and of a non-marking sole.

  • Blue Jeans permitted.  No rips or hanging threads. Must fit to size.  No spandex tight fitting pants or leggins.

  • Dress shorts permitted during summer months. For example, shorts that can be worn on a golf course. (May through September)

  • Collared shirts only.  No tee shirts permitted.

  • If pants or shorts have  belt loops a belt must be worn and shirt tucked in.  Unless designer shirt, blouse or dress shirt is designed to not be tucked.

  • If you are coming from work which requires scrubs and cannot change before class an exception will be made at coordinators discretion.

  • If coming from work which requires a company uniform and cannot change before class an exception will be made at coordinators discretion.

  • If you are with a fire department you may wear your duty uniform to class.  (No tee shirts)

  • No ball caps or cowboy hats.  This includes fire department ball caps.

  • No earrings/facial piercing for men.  No excessive earrings for females.

  • Hair/facial hair groomed and clean cut.

  • May be requested by coordinator that visible tattoos be covered.

  • This page covers classroom dress code only.  It is important to point out that hospital and fire internship uniform codes may be more strict.  For example, males may not have pony tails or man buns.  Many fire internship sites will allow an established well trimmed/groomed mustache and/or beard as long as it does not interfere with patient care/safety and safety equipment.  But one must be prepared to shave if a fire internship site requires it.  Contact the school if you have concerns.

If a violation of the dress code is observed the student will receive a 2 hour absence per occurrence.  If the violation is of a safety concern or chosen dress is disruptive, offensive and/or revealing student will be asked to leave and return when dressed appropriately.  In addition the student will be marked absent for any missed time over the initial 2 hour absence deduction. On the second violation student will be marked absent as described earlier and is required to leave the premises and return in school uniform for the rest of the program.

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