Medical Training Experience in Carrollton, TX

From EMT to physicians, you’ll find a class for any level of healthcare provider at Emergency Training Medical Services. By enrolling in a course at EMTS, you’ve taken the first step to improving yourself and the lives of your patients. Through our continual remediation, hands-on education, and real-life experience, we will lay the foundation for your new career and be the building blocks as you advance your medical training experience in Carrollton, TX.

Essential Training for Emergency Personnel

These days, training is a must for every career, whether you’re laying bricks, fixing computers, or selling insurance. It is crucial when it comes to emergency services. That’s why our company is here. We provide medical training services in Carrollton, TX, that are essential to saving lives. Our students spend time in the classroom, participate in hands-on training, and pass stringent tests that prove mastery over the coursework. Upon successful completion, only then are you ready to take your skill and knowledge into the field. Training is so necessary because there’s no time to lose in an emergency. People need medical attention as soon as medical personnel arrive on the scene. The need continues all of the way to the hospital. Taking steps to stabilize a patient makes their chance of recovery greater and saves time in the emergency room. Another significant part of training is continuing education. There’s always something new in the medical field, from equipment to treatment to procedures. This requires emergency services professionals to come back to the classroom regularly to learn what’s new. With this new knowledge, they can better serve the patient. Reach out to us to upgrade your skills with our training. Meet the Faculty Contact Us

Texas EMT Patch EMT Program

Becoming an EMT is the first step for many entering the medical field, ambulance services, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals are just a few of the options available for the Certified EMT. Our curriculum is designed to bring you from layperson to healthcare provider in just 16 weeks. Through extensive hands-on training, clinical rotations in local emergency departments, and internships with area 911 providers. EMTS is ranked among the leaders in enrollment numbers and pass percentages year after a year in the Metroplex.

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Advance Level EMS Programs

Our intensive EMS program builds on the skills learned as an EMT, and develops a comprehensive understanding of emergency medicine. Through partnerships with area fire departments, 911 ambulance services, and hospitals, our students utilize knowledge learned in the classroom to gain invaluable medical training experience working alongside active healthcare providers.

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AHA Courses

These classroom courses (BLS, ACLS, PALS) are designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use a cardiac monitor and/or AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner.

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EKG Technician

The class will focus on basic EKG rhythms such as sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, and heart blocks.   Participants will focus on the 5 step analysis format for reading EKG’s.  This class will include introduction to 12-lead interpretation as well as administering 12-lead’s.

  • Nursing students or current nurses needing EKG training in order to take the American Heart Associations (AHA) ACLS and PALS programs.
  • Highly recommended for EMT’s that are planning to enroll in an upcoming paramedic program.  Cardiology is one of the most difficult portions of a paramedic program.
  • Entry level healthcare professions (EMT, MA, PCT, NA) to enhance their ability to be more involved as a team member in direct patient care.

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National Registry Exams

EMTS offers National Registry practical exams for advance level (AEMT and Paramedic) candidates on site. Exam dates are posted with the National Registry and on our calendar. Please contact the school early for availability. To meet the NREMT reservation deadline, all exam candidates must register no less than 30 days before the exam date. Candidates must provide EMTS with their NREMT ATT authorization number and bring the NREMT ATT authorization letter on the exam date.

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