EMTS Icon AHA Heartsaver ADULT First Aid $60

Call for group rate discounts and on-site training Under the 2015 AHA guidelines this course is considered a specialty program. There are many modules to include or exclude depending on the participants needs. Designed for lay rescuers. This would include personal reasons for taking the course, foster parenting (Age group 8 years and up), adoption, child care (Age group 8 years and up), corporate/group responder teams. If you are not sure if your profession requires this level please contact our office. Course includes adult, child, and infant (or a combination of) procedures. The CPR portion includes 1 rescuer CPR, choking, airway delivery devices, and more. The first aid portion includes common work place medical emergencies and appropriate care; heart attack, stroke, seizures, diabetes, bleeding, stings, spinal injuries and more. The course intergrades the newly released American Heart Association First Aid curriculum. View specific course dates, times and enrollment information